Musical Project Management

Euphoria, Inc.

What we do

Euphoria, Inc. is a musical project management company. We put all of the elements that go into a successful musical presentation under one umbrella, including but not limited to musical direction, crowdfunding, social media consulting, contracting, and project management.

Euphoria, Inc. was founded by Barry Harris, an independent artist and graduate of USC's Popular Music Performance program. Barry set out to build his artistic vision after moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles; he began to navigate the complex world of the music business. Barry believed that any artist has the ability to create their own opportunities by leveraging the continually-evolving realm of digital media and social media platforms, regardless of their existing connections to the industry or access to venture capital.

Technology has empowered artists with new tools of expression. Euphoria, Inc. works with artists who wish to take advantage of those tools in a strategic way that allows them to move closer to achieving their goals.

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